Rock Hunting in Castleton.

Castleton is located in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside,  for many people it is a place for walking, driving, rambling and hang gliding, with its beautiful peaks and rolling hillsides it makes the perfect place for enjoying some peace and quiet and getting away from it all.

Here though, I would like to show you another side to this sleepy English village - Rocks.  Castleton is home to the well known mineral "Blue John", the only known place in the world where this stone can be found, and its limestone beds hold fossils millions of years old.  This is a pictorial guide for rock hunters in the area.

Take the guided tour around the Castleton area to find out where you can locate fossils and minerals, and also learn about the caverns in this remarkable area of the world.

Approaching Castleton

Winnats Pass

Caves and Caverns

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Pictured below - this is the view from the base Mam Tor, the village of Castleton itself can be seen in the middle of the picture on the right hand side.

Castleton is a great place to find rocks of many types, but if you are interested in rocks in general aswell as those containing fossils, then check out some the rock tumbler machines. There are lots to choose from so its worth reading reviews on this type of equipment before you actually make your purchase.

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I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and information, you can use any of the pictures you like on this site for your own if you like, I only ask for a link back to this site if you would be so kind!

Please do not remove rocks from the area as it is protected for conservation reasons.  It is assumed that the reader is aware and responsible for their actions and I am not to be held responsible for the safety of anyone interested in  visiting this area of their own free will.

We aim to record more videos next time we visit - so please check back often to see road journey videos of winnats pass and rushup edge - hopefully with some snow!!

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